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For John

For John
 John, Me, Andy, Phil, Brod

I'm writing this in shock and disbelief, since it was only yesterday that I learned John McParland, my old friend, colleague and fellow musician, had passed away.

I first met John when I was 19 years old.
In summer 1986 I met my old theater tutor Mark Taylor while browsing comic books in WH Smiths and he suggested I come into college and hang out. Then I met Andy Steele, John McParland and Mark 'Brod' Ward. I saw them hanging out together and discovered they were all musicians. I'd written some songs which in my mind were supposed to sound like a punky version of The Beatles and I was itching to form a band. I thought these guys were cool, so I stuck around and we became friends. They already had a band called The Gardos, (which also included Russ Taylor, and Andy McLure), which played Housemartin covers including 'The Mighty Ship' and 'Build'. They played their last gig at Widnes Labour Club in December 1986 and I …

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